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75th Anniversary of the

Manhattan Project


Special event station





At the 2017 Secret City Festival


“Celebrate Our Heroes” Weekend

When:  June 2 and 3, 2017

Setup starts:  0800EDT 02 June

Demobilize:  0800EDT 04 June

This weekend is the WWII reenactment weekend, with two reenactments occurring at 1000 and 1600 Eastern War Time.  

ORARC members are invited to participate in a WWII Living History Display,

including a reenacted WWII Signal Corps camp with operational WWII radios equipment.

Click here for details of the Celebrate our Heroes” weekend


Native American Code Talkers

The event will also feature a living history exhibit recognizing the Native American Code Talkers or WWII. 

The exhibit will include an operational Navy/USMC TBX-8 radio stations operating on the 80m Amateur Radio Band. 

Click here for details of the Native American Code Talkers Display



NOTE: if you would like to participate in the living history Signal Corps Display, please sign up here:

Sign Up here for the Reenactment and Signal Corps Living History


There will be food and entertainment on Saturday, 3 June.

Click here for the USO show details

Click here for "The Freedom Bells" concert entertainment details

“Secret City Festival” Weekend

When:  June 10, 2017

Setup starts:  0800EDT 10 June

Demobilize:  2000EDT 10 June

This weekend is the “Arts and Crafts Festival” weekend. There will be many arts exhibits, as well childrens events, food,

live music and a free outdoor concert.  

Click here for details of the ”Arts and Crafts” Weekend




A.K. Bissel Park, 1479 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge TN

Lat/Lon DMS: 36 0 40.51N,  -84 15 53.40W

Lat/Lon  DD: 36.011253N,  -84.264833W




Talk-in and Event Coordination

145.470 Mcs (-600, 118.8) FM

51.000 Mcs FM Simplex (2, 3 June only)

Note: the ORARC 146.88 repeater is temporarily off-the-air

(See below for HF frequencies)






Secret City Festival

The Secret City Festival recognizes the achievements of the Manhattan Project during World War II, and the continuing contributions of Oak Ridge during the Cold War and onwards. The Special Event Station will feature original Ex-Military radio equipment representing periods from WWII through the end of the Cold War, including radio communications equipment like that used in Oak Ridge During WWII.



Special Event Callsign  N4M  (National park 4 Manhattan project) has been approved for use during the event.


Manhattan Project 75 anniversary

The event will also recognize the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Manhattan Project

Amateur Radio Stations located at Los Alamos New Mexico and Hanford Washington will be participating in the event.


Native American Code Talkers

The event will also feature a living history exhibit recognizing the Native American Code Talkers or WWII. 

The exhibit will include an operational Navy/USMC TBX-8 radio stations operating on the 80m Amateur Radio Band. 

Click here for details of the Native American Code Talkers Display


Historical Rebroadcasts

The event will also feature several radio receivers, known as “Morale Radios”, which will be receiving via low-power AM broadcast, historical News Reports, Programs, Propaganda, Civilian Defense Spots and Music from WWII through the Cold War.



WWII Reenactment

The event will feature the largest WWII reenactment in the Southeast.  The reenactment will take place in two phases, with the first battle taking place at 1000 EDT, and the second battle at 1400EDT.  This year the reenactment will feature a tank battle, in which US M5 Stuarts will face off against Axis units.   Expect to see partisans and prisoners taken amidst the full-blown engagement.



Military Radio Equipment

The Special Event Stations will be co-located with the WWII reenactors at the Secret City Festival, inside Military Tents, portraying a Military Communications Post. Radios will range from WWII to the end of the Cold War.

Equipment will include:


Equipment will include:



Navy Portable HF Transmitter-Receiver

Transmitter powered by hand-crank generator


SCR-694 (BC-1306)

Signal Corps Portable HF Transmitter-Receiver

Powered by hand-crank generator


SCR-536 (BC-611)

Signal Corps Portable HF Transceiver

The original “Handie-Talkie”


SCR-284 (BC-654)

Signal Corps Mobile HF Transmitter-Receiver






The event is supported by members of the Oak Ridge Amateur Radio Club (ORARC), the Roane County Amateur Radio Club (RCARC), and the Knoxville Military Vehicle Club (KMVC).  The event will include Military Vehicles adjacent to the Special Event Station, the Morale Radio Display, and the WWII Reenactors.  During the event at 1400 (2PM) Saturday, a large WWII reenactment will take place. We will not participate in the reenactment, however we will be co-located with the reenactment in Bissel Park.


All club members are invited to attend or participate.  Military Vehicles, Ham Radio Operators and general manpower will be needed throughout the event.


Target Frequencies


NOTE: Frequencies are likely to change.

Please check the clusters for real-time updates








Station Location (QTH) Data


Contact:  Garret Scott (W8BUG) at 865.310.5179 or for more information.




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QSL and Certificates Previews

QSL Card

QSL - Participation Certificate


Best Photos from 2016 Secret City Festival Military Radio Operations

Secret City Festival 2016 Best Photos






Event Description

The Oak Ridge Amateur Radio Club will be demonstrating how World War II-era military radio communications occurred during the Secret City Festival June 03-04, 2017. 

The event will include communications equipment as used by the US Army in the early days of the Manhattan project when they hit the ground running at

Site-X (Oak Ridge, TN) and Site-Y (Los Alamos, NM).


Radio communications were important from the beginning of the Manhattan project, before telephone and other permanent communications infrastructures were in place. All of the radio equipment is restored and operable and will be used on the air by Amateur (Ham) radio operators during the event.


In addition to the live demonstrations of two-way radio equipment, visitors will also be able to hear replays of historic radio broadcasts from WWII and the Cold War, including the announcement of the existence of Oak Ridge and the Manhattan project.

The replays will be transmitted through original home and military "morale" radios on display at the event, including some replayed from original radio station transcription discs. 


The exhibit will also include additional operating military radio stations including those from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War eras.  These stations will be operated as an FCC-authorized special events station, with a specially assigned call sign for Oak Ridge, N4M, and will communicate with other radio operators around the United States and the world.


Specially designed QSL postcards and certificates will be sent to Amateur radio station operators who make radio contact with the Secret City Festival event stations.